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Live Sound Production
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After many years of performing live I have experienced the best and the worst when it comes to live sound production. Having a great sound in the stage monitors as well as the front of house speakers can absolutely make or break an event. How many concerts have you been to where the vocalist might as well have been singing 'la la la' because the lyrics have been totally unintelligible? Have you ever come away from a concert with your ears ringing because the sound was too loud or not balanced properly so some notes just stuck out louder than others and made you wince. It's a well known fact that if a performer is not comfortable with the sound that they hear on stage then they will almost certainly not give their best performance. A sound technicians job is to make the performer feel totally at ease and confident that their music will be conveyed to the audience in the way that they want it to be heard.

Recording: Welcome

Gear list

I can provide sound systems to cover anything from an intimate concert in a small hall to a large production in a theatre or small outdoor festival stage. I use systems from Bose and Nexo, all controlled by digital mixers with up to 32 channels of audio inputs and 8 monitor feeds. I provide all associated equipment including microphones, stand, DI boxes etc - Everything that you need for your live sound event. I can provide multi track recording during your event and am fully insured and PAT Tested. I can provide a small static lighting system for small events and can help you to organise larger lighting systems if they are required. Drop me a line and I'll be happy to discuss your event requirements.


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