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Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Dobro, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass & Guitar

Online Session Musician
& Producer

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What do I offer?

I am a session musician and I record and produce great sounding tracks. I specialise in country, folk and Americana and produce tracks in all genres for customers all over the world. I have delivered over 800 tracks to very happy clients in the last 2 years. I work quickly and efficiently with my customers making sure that they are completely satisfied with my work before they make an order. You might be surprised how little this costs - check out my showreel video which gives real life examples of projects - CLICK HERE

Here's a video of my trip to perform at the grand old Opry - September 2023

Pedal Steel Guitar

Who is this for?

Whether you're a professional studio looking for that last ingredient for a client's killer track or an amateur musician with a great song that needs to be developed into a radio ready hit - I can help you. I have worked with a huge range of clients with varying skill levels and some amazing productions have emerged out of scratchy, hastily recorded demos - often captured on nothing more technical than a mobile phone. I'm not a 'one trick pony' and I work hard with my customers to make sure that I understand the musical direction that they want to follow.

Tin of capos and slides

Why do you need it?

Digital recording on computers has revolutionised the music industry. No longer do you need to hire expensive studios in order to make clean digital recordings and yet the world is still full of artificial sounding music created using 'off the shelf' fake sounding loops. To make great sounding organic music you need a good musician with a head full of fresh ideas and decades of experience. You might have a stellar song idea but are stuck in a rut - not knowing how to develop it. Alternatively you might know exactly how you want the song to sound but don't know how to get there. In either scenario - I can help you.

Bob Wilson and Me

What's my story?

I grew up in a house where live music was the norm. My dad (Bob Wilson) was very active and well known on the folk scene in the 60's and 70's and barely a day went by when there was no music in the house. He got me my first guitar when I was 4 years old and spent countless hours allowing me to improvise whilst he held down a steady rhythm. I can never repay him for his patience and kindheartedness. Teenage years bought rock bands and then 60's working men's club bands (we actually got paid!) and then a touring cabaret band. When family came along I gladly traded the long drives in for a steady and secure job working for the Fire Service. I continued playing live and recording in my spare time whilst working full time, and found a wonderful opportunity to work with customers from all over the world recording via the internet. In February 2020 I retired from the day job so that I could focus 100% on my freelance music career - those teenage dreams of becoming a professional session musician finally came true.

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Why should you trust me with your music?

I started recording for online clients through a website called Fiverr a couple of years ago and have quickly worked my way up to being one of their elite 'Top Rated' sellers on their 'Pro' Platform. Click here to see a random selection of customer reviews. The best answer to the question above is simply this - If you don't like what I do then you don't buy it. I always offer free samples to customers before they risk buying anything at all.

Toby Bench Guitar

How do you get started?

Send me an email using the box below and tell me what you need. I'm pretty sure that you'll be pleasantly shocked by my prices and delighted with the results.

Still not sure? Click here to see a video 'walk through' of my work flow and general recording set up.


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