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David Arn

David Arn - USA

“I will put Toby Wilson up against any studio musician in Nashville or L.A.. True story - I was at Abbey Road having them work on a song for me. When we got to the guitar solo, the engineer, Andy Walter, wanted to know who was doing the guitar work. He was that impressed. Toby so consistently takes my music to the next level that when I write songs I often try to leave room for him.

Joe Buchanan

Joe Buchanan - USA

"I don't know of anyone who can dial into the intention of a song like Toby. It is an honor to work with musicians like him and his work helps bring out a beauty in my songs that I didn't hear before. In short - he fills the space with color and makes it into art."

Shelsy Cayer

Shelsey Cayer - Canada

"I was going around in circles with my songs. I had an idea of what the songs needed, but arranging just isn't my strength, so I couldn't get it to do what I wanted. When Toby got a hold of the songs, he took them WAY beyond the vision I had for them. I cried when I heard the results, because it just sounded so PRO, I could hardly believe they were my songs."

James Lee Baker

James Lee Baker - USA

"Working with Toby was a genuine and special experience. What started as a need for steel guitar for one song turned into him accompanying, and in some cases producing, songs for my most recent album. Toby not only is a great multi-instrumentalist but has a keen ear for good melodies and harmonies with instruments. He is also wicked fast and great with communication. He is one of the first people I reach out to when recording new songs".

Robert Damadsi

Robert Damadsi - Sweden

“It has been a huge thrill to work with Toby. This is a superior musician who listened to my songs and put down his pedal steel, dobro etc with passion and feeling. He blew life into my songs, and I recommend that you with him. I hope someday Mark Knopfler hires Toby for pedal steel guitar. I will continue my work with Toby for many years to come. 
He is gentleman and great musician.”

Don Tabor

Don Tabor - Canada

Where to be totally bullshit....I was completely blown away by this recording.  When I sent it my stomach was in knots.  What’s he going to think of it?  Am I good enough to consider having this recording made radio ready? "A whole myriad of emotions and fears. When I heard the track I was speechless.  The subtleties of the steel and dobro give it a nice 30s kind of country feel.  I really got the full affect when I put the headphones on.  I played it a few times and then had to walk away.  I needed that time to grasp the real effect of the song and the amazing sound you pulled out of that simple little track.  Of course this means I want to proceed.  I had every intention of doing so but I had no idea you were going to give this song all it needed and more. I guess by now you know I’m a happy camper.  Thank you for working your magic."

Belinda M Music

Belinda M - USA

"Excellent working with Toby! He took my live recorded song and created quality tracks for me to work with for EP release. He gave my song a really cool vibe, love it! Will most definitely work with Toby again in the future."

Kevin Thompson

Kevin Michael Thompson - USA

"From my very first time hiring Toby I knew that I had found something unique. Toby plays for the song. There’s no rubber stamping here. It’s clear that he listens to the lyric and puts soul and nuance into the performances. Working with Toby has transformed my newest album in the best of ways."

John Faraone

John Faraone - USA

"I came to know Toby from a website of musicians for hire. I contacted him, and I'm very glad I did. His musicianship is incredible. Not only did he provide the dobro services I requested, but he gave me a sample of bass and pedal steel to give me an idea of how he heard the arrangement. Since then, I have worked with him on several projects, and I am always impressed with the quality of his playing and recording. His turnaround time is very quick while maintaining a high regard for quality in his performance. I will continue to work with Toby on my upcoming projects, and I highly recommend him for anyone else's!"

Jude Brown

Jude Brown - UK

"I’ve now worked with Toby on a couple of projects. He recorded my choirs recent collection of songs and put them together for a CD. He did an amazing job capturing over 50 voices! I’m also a mindfulness teacher and needed recordings of several guided meditations for children. Toby is excellent to work with, calm and patient and also added some beautiful, original background music to each recording. I cannot recommend him enough."

Thomas Beaufoy

Thomas Beaufoy - Greece

"Toby is my go-to guy. An incredible guitarist with the ability to deliver work exceptionally fast without compromising on quality. Whether it’s improv or something you have in mind, you can be sure Toby will give it the edge needed in such a rapid evolving industry. Each guitar layer will offer a whole new dimension to your track. 10/10"

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